PRESS RELEASE : Embedding Innovation in Policymaking

Innovation Week Tanzania 2023 kicked off this 24th of April 2023 under the theme “Innovation for a Competitive Economy”. One of the key events during the week is the 5th episode of Innovation & Tech Forum, jointly brought together by the ICT Commission, the Commission of Science and Technology (COSTECH), UNDP Tanzania under the Funguo Innovation Programme, and coordinated by Tech & Media Convergency (TMC).

Recognizing the critical role of progressive and forward-looking policies in shaping the national economy as Tanzania undergoes rapid digital transformation, the organizers chose “Innovating Policy Making – A Forward-Looking and Integrated Approach to Policymaking in the Digital Age,” as the theme of the forum.

“It’s high time we have this conversation.” said Christine Musisi, Resident Representative of UNDP Tanzania, in her opening remarks. “As the country undergoes a rapid digital transformation, the need for agile and innovative policy making has never been more pressing. That is why we are advocating for a more innovative approach to policy making – one that takes into account the rapidly changing development needs of Tanzania and embraces and leverages the potential of emerging technologies.”

An in-depth panel discussion then followed, with representatives from United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), Bank of Tanzania, Tanzania Legal Services Facility, Breakthrough Attorneys, and Innovation Hub255 deliberating ways to disrupt the status quo, and find ways of embracing innovation in policymaking.

The forum also included a Ministerial Discussion with Hon. Eng. Kundo Andrea Mathew, Deputy Minister of Information, Communication, and Information Technology which focused on the main barriers preventing innovative policy making in Tanzania, stakeholder involvement in the policy making process, and government’s concrete steps to champion innovative policy making. It highlighted the value of building a culture of experimentation and learning within the government, encouraging innovation and risk-taking and the importance of leveraging evidence and data as important factors in policy making.

“I urge policy makers to balance the need for timely decision making, with access to the latest research and evidence to inform their decisions.” Said Hon. Eng. Kundo “In addition to this, when making policy, stakeholder engagement is of the utmost importance.” He added.Top of FormBottom of Form

The 5th Innovation and Tech Forum brought together policymakers, experts, and stakeholders to explore and discuss innovative approaches to policy making, including leveraging data analytics, fostering public-private partnerships, and engaging with the wider innovation ecosystem. The event highlighted the benefits of innovative policy making, with the aim of inspiring a broader shift towards modernizing Tanzania’s governance systems and achieving sustainable development in the digital age.

In his remarks, Ambassador Manfredo Fanti, Head of the European Union Delegation to Tanzania and to the EAC said, “In Tanzania, there is a huge space open for startups in various sectors. With all the right policies in place to support them, these businesses have the potential to grow. I also praise the Tanzanian Government for their commitment in developing policies in this sector.”

The forum successfully improved the understanding and cognizance of innovative policy making; opened the door to improved discussions around policy making; increased the awareness and engagement of the private sector; and looks forward to the increased adoption of innovative solutions in Tanzania.

 About the Innovation and Tech Forum

The Innovation and Tech Forum is a platform for debates, exchanges, and sharing insights on critical topical themes and policy issues critical to our national development in the innovation and technology space. Furthermore, it is a networking platform for emerging innovators and tech champions, seasoned industry players, and policymakers to learn from one another and inform policymaking in the context of, Tanzanian innovation and digital transformation. For more information visit Innovation and Tech Forum

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About Funguo Innovation Programme

FUNGUO is a UNDP initiative funded by the European Union as part of the “Business Environment, Growth and Innovation” (BEGIN) Programme. Other funders include UNDP itself and the UK Government through the Africa Technology and Innovation Partnerships (ATIP).  The programme aims to increase the number of successfully scaled innovative ventures. It does so by addressing the challenges and gaps in the innovation ecosystem that hinder the scaling of innovative impact ventures, while fostering an environment that supports innovation for development and empowers innovators, entrepreneurs, and enablers. UNDP Tanzania leads the programme implementation in partnership with UNCDF, and works in close collaboration with COSTECH, ICT Commission among and other partners. For more information visit

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About the ICT Commission

The key mandates of the Information and Communication Technologies Commission (ICTC) as per establishment are to promote and foster investment and development of the ICT industry, advise and collaborate with other stakeholders on ICT research and foresight on ICT trends, and build the capacity of ICT Professionals in Tanzania.

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