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Tech & Media Convergency (TMC)

Tech & Media Convergency (TMC) is a Multidisciplinary creative ICT cored organisation that appraises Information and applies Technological Innovations and Applications that provide impactful Digital Solutions and services. We strive at and guarantee excellency in Tech-centric Project Design and Execution, Internet Governance, Digital Security, Emerging Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Technology Integration, Digital Media, Data and ICT-centric Research.

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Focusing on the Intersection of Information, Innovation, Technology, Internet Governance and Digital Practices

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At Tech & Media Convergency (TMC), we drink on information and strive on technology; when information meets technology, remarkable things happen in life. Tech & Media Convergency (TMC) is a multidisciplinary creative digital-centered approach organization. We strive at and guarantee excellency in designing, creation, capacity building, consulting, digital system audits and Impact technology.

We are available for hire in the mentioned wide range of disciplines for a variety of projects and jobs. Our services are of International standards, efficient, delivered on time while also striving for impact and with great follow-up customer services after service delivery. Exhibited with a rich technological simulation team and experiences, we achieve digital solutions that fit your needs.

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We have a combined experience of more than 25 years in Digital Practices, Security Systems, Technological Practices & Innovative Tech-centric Project Cycle Management, Digital Media and Internet Governance

Tech & Media Convergency (TMC)

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