Tell us what you do, we will tell you what you are missing – we drink on information and strive on technology whether in the form of programs, provided services, mainstream Media, New Media, communication flow or social networks.


Our Inspiration

At Tech & Media Convergency (TMC) we drink on information and strive on technology; when information meets technology, remarkable things happen in life. Tech & Media Convergency (TMC) is a multidisciplinary creative digital-centred approach company. We strive at and guarantee excellency in designing, creation, capacity building, consulting, digital system audits and promoting Impact technology.

We are available for hire in the mentioned wide range of disciplines for a variety of projects and jobs. Our services are of International standards, efficient, delivered on time while also striving for impact and with great follow-up customer services after service delivery. Exhibited with a rich technological simulation team and experiences, we achieve digital solutions that fit your needs.

We envision a society where Information, Communication, and Technology provide solutions, include everyone, ensure security, and remain universally accessible.

Our mission is to foster a knowledge-based society through ICT strategies, enhanced Internet Governance, and digital innovation. We aim to promote inclusion for vulnerable groups and empower communities through digital literacy, gender inclusivity, robust digital security, and the advancement of emerging technologies. By doing so, we drive progress in the fourth industrial revolution and the digital economy.


We are committed to ensuring that everyone, especially vulnerable groups such as PWDs, Women and young girls and other marginalized groups are at the core of our programs for equal access and opportunities


We provide outstanding services and deliver pertinent value to our partners and community


We uphold the highest standards of required actions towards our partners and community


We are accountable to those we serve. We strive for evidence and success stories for services provided to the community


We introduce changes and facilitate the attainment of new concrete possibilities through technology


We pull in a diverse range of skills and knowledge together in one melting pot for stellar services for the community.


We listen to understand as much as possible the context of the client’s work, intent and focus so as to pursue dynamic-friendly digital solutions. We let the client tell us what they do, then we tell them what they are missing

Our main product and service are Digital Solutions. Be it Digital Skills or Knowledge, Policy Review, Data Protection or Security at Large. Digital solutions are the underlying facet for reconfiguration of organisations systems, businesses, programs, activities, information management, information flow and competencies.  As technology progresses, more and more processes are being enhanced or automated thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Entities that can harness the power of Information Technology can give themselves a serious competitive advantage. In the current global world for organisations to be current and up to speed, strategies at a technological stapling of view have to be applied, and that is where we step in as Tech & Media Convergency (TMC).

 We aim to empower our clients to be in an elite club of innovative and like-minded organisations breaking barriers such old traditional ways of doing things manually. The integration of so many cross-cutting solutions as a one-stop-shop also adds to our competitive advantage. The other most valuable competitive advantage is our human resources that are composed of the following key and substantial attributes:-

  • 1.) We have a combined knowledge and experience of 25 years in Digital Security Systems and best practices.
  • 2.) We have a combined knowledge and experience of 30 years dealing with Information Systems and flow.
  • 3.) We have a combined knowledge and experience of 17 years of Project Design and Development.
  • 4.) We have a combined knowledge and experience of 9 years in Data Visualisation and the field of New Media.
  • 5.) We are driven by the thirst to excel in service delivery and exceed our clients’ expectations.

What We Do

Project Design, Development & Partnership

Do you need an implementing partner? Do you have an idea about a project or a project to implement which you wish to devise the best ways of mapping it out to successful implementation? Or have you had trouble keeping track of your organization’s work?

We provide expert advice for best practices and effective project design by identifying key elements that sets the overall tone of the project goals.

=> We design the structure of the project, monitoring and evaluation plan, Realistic Measurable Goals, Resources, Timeframe and Risk Mitigation Measures.

=> We also excel in projects that require an aspect of technology and innovation for impactful digital solutions. We also offer solutions for project management systems to help create fluidity in your business.

=> We assist setting up systems in place to organize and provide solutions for everything under one umbrella.

=> We also partner with organisations seeking for an implementing partner to enhance Digital Solutions in their projects.

We fit best where you need us most, from beginning, development, execution to its end. In Project Cycle Management we cover the whole project or part of a segment of the project according to need as follows.

  1. A. Project Programming
  2. B. Project Integration
  3. C. Project Execution
  4. D. Project Quality Control Criteria
  5. E. Project Monitoring
  6. F. Project Evaluation
  7. G. Project Sustainability
  8. 8. Project Closure

We apply a holistic and target-centred design to ensure that any project caters for targeted communities, individuals, products, services and systems that address the core needs of those/that which experience an obstacle, challenge or problem to aim for an overall goal of the project's intended impact.

What we Do

Digital Renovation

Do you need a consolidated process of gathering and organizing business data through an integrated system/ software suite?

Do you need a system that will automate your business process by an integrated software application with the purpose to facilitate the flow of information between all the functions in your company/organization?

Tech & Media Convergency (TMC) aims at developing Digital solution for any office automation. We have the best team of experts to achieve the digitalization of your organization’s business service delivery.

In Digital Renovation, we develop the most secured business process management Systems /software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back-office functions related to technology, services and human resources.

Our focus is to improve and consolidate strategic priorities and approaches of the strategic plan of your organization’s by providing a technological strategic approach for transforming the efficiency, effectiveness, relevance, reach, coverage and sustainability of your services through automation and digitalization of information collection, inputting, cleaning, processing, analyzing and reporting through using these planned systems.

We deploy new, updated and suitable technology to create brand new and/or enhanced states of digital systems to mitigate risks and disruptions for digital transformation and solutions. We ensure that you have an array of the latest digital products and services suited to your organization at your disposal. While we are more interested in making changes in a system that already exists, we also establish digital systems in place if not yet applicable.

The Tech & Media Convergency (TMC) Digital Renovation team will integrate all internal management information across the organization. The system will automate your business process/ activities with an integrated software application with the purpose to facilitate the flow of information between all of your office departments. The system will also integrate externally with management systems of your organizations’ partners and stakeholders.

The planned systems will run on a variety of hardware and network configurations employing a database to store and process data and operates in real time, without relying on periodic updates. With an enterprise database structures, that provides a consistent look and feel throughout each system.

The Tech & Media Convergency (TMC) Digital Renovation team have developed a vast number of systems to fit your organization strategic Business process needs,  the systems are not limited to the following:

  1. Finance Management System (FMS)
  2. Human Resources Management System (HRMS)
  3. Monitoring and Evaluation Systems
  4. Document Management System (DMS)
  5. Legal Case Management System (LCMS)
  6. Inventory Management System (IMS)
  7. Performance Management System (PMS)
  8. Digital Library System (DLS)

We as an IT Consultancy company were originally implementing the Digital Renovations projects for manufacturing companies but have since expanded to service industries, higher education, hospitality, health care, financial services, and recently to Non-Government Organizations.

We apply System development life cycle (SDLC) to ensure that any project caters for targeted clients mentioned above. The stages for Digital Renovation include PADIOM, meaning Planning, Analysis, Designing, Implementation, Operations and Maintenance.

Through the above SDLC, we ensure the following Key features are incorporated in our Systems:

  • Enterprise-wide integration. 

Business processes are integrated end to end across departments and business units. For a typical example, in the finance’s sales automation system, a new order automatically initiates a credit check, queries product availability, and updates the distribution schedule. Once the order is shipped, the invoice is sent.

  • Real-time (or near real-time) operations.

Since the processes in the example above occur within a few seconds of order receipt, problems are identified quickly, giving the client more time to correct the situation.

  • A common database. 

A common database enables data to be defined once for the Client with every department using the same definition. Sometimes, Tech & Media Convergency (TMC) systems deployment splits the physical database to improve performance.

  • Consistent look and feel. 

Recently, we realized that software with a consistent user interface reduces training costs and appears more professional.

What We Do

Information & Data in New Media

Do you have Digital products and services but are not happy with your online performance? Do you have information and/or data that you wish to visualize?

Media Convergence specialize in assisting large and small clients to commercialize their offline (mainstream media) and online media by converging the two to reach the Online Community and apply Data Visualization.

=> We assist with establishing an effective Online Community Management system to ensure that your online image and branding is enhanced and maintained, Social Media channels provide an excellent platform to build real and lasting relationships with your clients.

=> Our team will work closely with you to develop your Social Media Strategy in line with agreed goals to deliver effective results and keep your brand and your audience secure from offensive, inappropriate and threatening content through our smart content moderation services.

=> The Data Visualizations services we provide can easily be understood and interpreted from raw information and/or data.

  1. Online Presence (Community Engagement)
    1. Social Media Management Systems
    2. Social Media Policies & guidelines
    3. Online Content Infrastructure
    4. Online Branding
  2. Digital Literacy
    1. Digital System Audits
    2. Digital Security Trainings
  3. Data
    1. Data Management
    2. Data Visualisation, Tools & Systems

We apply a holistic and target-centred design to ensure that any project caters for targeted communities, individuals, products, services and systems that address the core needs of those/that which experience an obstacle, challenge or problem to aim for an overall goal of the project's intended impact

What we Do

Impact Technology

Tech & Media Convergency (TMC) is interested and invests on Impact Tech. We are interested in main technological developments that have/are taking place in information technology and how these developments have influence and impact on the community in general.

  1. The revolution of Information and Technology has caused a rapture of what is effective and what is not by both institutional and individual level. In order for the nation/community to witness the positive impact, there is a need for identifying and establishing technological solutions with quality and right local information in order to make the best digital solutions based on the dynamics of the Tanzanian enterprise environment. 

This emphasises the importance to promote and enhance systems with elements of success with dependent sophisticated technology that can greatly facilitate target needs.


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