Project Design, Development & Partnership

Do you need an implementing partner? Do you have an idea about a project or a project to implement which you wish to devise the best ways of mapping it out to successful implementation? Or have you had trouble keeping track of your organization's work?

The How

We provide expert advice for best practices and effective project design by identifying key elements that sets the overall tone of the project goals.  

=> We design the structure of the project, monitoring and evaluation plan, Realistic Measurable Goals, Resources, Timeframe and Risk Mitigation Measures.  

=> We also excel in projects that require an aspect of technology and innovation for impactful digital solutions. We also offer solutions for project management systems to help create fluidity in your business. 

=> We assist setting up systems in place to organize and provide solutions for everything under one umbrella. 

=> We also partner with organisations seeking for an implementing partner to enhance Digital Solutions in their projects.

The What

We fit best where you need us most, from beginning, development, execution to its end. In Project Cycle Management we cover the whole project or part of a segment of the project according to need as follows.

  1. Project Programming 
  2. Project Integration 
  3. Project Execution
  4. Project Quality Control Criteria
  5. Project Monitoring
  6. Project Evaluation
  7. Project Sustainability
  8. Project Closure

The  Approach

We apply a holistic and target-centred design to ensure that any project caters for targeted communities, individuals, products, services and systems that address the core needs of those/that which experience an obstacle, challenge or problem to aim for an overall goal of the project's intended impact.


Impact Technology

Tech & Media Convergency (TMC) is interested and invests on Impact Tech. We are interested in main technological developments that have/are taking place in information technology and how these developments have influence and impact to the community in general.

The What

The revolution of Information and Technology has caused a rapture of what is effective and what is not by both institutional and individual level. In order for the nation/community to witness positive impact, there is a need for identifying and establishing technological solutions with quality and right local information in order to make the best digital solutions based on the dynamics of the Tanzanian enterprise environment. 

The Approach

This emphasises the importance to promote and enhance systems with elements of success with dependent sophisticated technology that can greatly facilitate target needs.


Information & Data in New Media

Do you have Digital products and services but are not happy with your online performance? Do you have information and/or data that you wish to visualize?

The How

Media Convergence specialize in assisting large and small clients to commercialize their offline (mainstream media) and online media by converging the two to reach the Online Community and apply Data Visualization. 

=> We assist with establishing an effective Online Community Management system to ensure that your online image and branding is enhanced and maintained, Social Media channels provide an excellent platform to build real and lasting relationships with your clients. 

=> Our team will work closely with you to develop your Social Media Strategy in line with agreed goals to deliver effective results and keep your brand and your audience secure from offensive, inappropriate and threatening content through our smart content moderation services. 

=> The Data Visualizations services we provide can easily be understood and interpreted from raw information and/or data.

The What

Online Presence (Community Engagement)

  1. Social Media Management Systems
  2. Social Media Policies & guidelines
  3. Online Content Infrastructure
  4. Online Branding

Digital Literacy

  1. Digital System Audits
  2. Digital Security Trainings


  1. Data Management
  2. Data Visualisation, Tools & Systems

The Approach

We explore, identify and apply required digital solutions from shared information through digital technologies and platforms so as to offer important pedagogical and practical edtech solutions that fit our clients  needs as well as expanding the clients adept at the introduced digital tools and substantive digital solutions.

Digital Products

High Performance

Data & Information

Data Visulization