Tech & Media Convergency Joins Forces with ITU’s Partner2Connect Digital Coalition to Drive Digital Transformation in Tanzania

In a significant step towards enhancing digital connectivity and fostering meaningful digital transformation, Tech and Media Convergency (TMC) is thrilled to announce the inclusion of the initiative – “Internet Governance Tanzania Working Group“, in the International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) Partner2Connect Digital Coalition (P2C). This milestone marks a significant step forward in TMC’s commitment to fostering meaningful connectivity and driving digital transformation in Tanzania and beyond.

The Partner2Connect Digital Coalition is an ITU initiative that brings together a diverse range of stakeholders to mobilize new resources, forge partnerships, and make commitments that promote universal and meaningful connectivity globally. This coalition aims to bridge the digital divide and support the sustainable development goals (SDGs) through innovative and inclusive digital solutions.

TMC has joined the the Partner2Connect Digital Coalition (P2C) in June 2024 and pledged on advocating for Access (Connecting people everywhere) and Adoption (Empowering communities).

Partner2Connect Digital Coalition: A Global Initiative

The Partner2Connect Digital Coalition (P2C) is ITU’s multi-stakeholder initiative aimed at mobilizing resources, forming partnerships, and fostering commitments to drive global digital transformation. P2C focuses on creating meaningful connectivity that bridges the digital divide and advances sustainable development worldwide. By joining this coalition, TMC aligns itself with a global mission to enhance digital access and ensure that everyone benefits from the digital economy.

 Partner2Connect Digital Coalition (P2C)
The Partner2Connect – Digital Coalition’s Action Framework showing Focus Areas and Pillars – Source: P2C Presentation
Recognition of Internet Governance Tanzania Working Group

The working group is coordinated by Tech & Media Convergency (TMC) working collaboratively in partnership with eighteen civil society organizations. The validation of TMC’s pledge to the P2C Digital Coalition is a testament to the potential impact of the Internet Governance Tanzania Working Group. This working group is a collaborative advocacy platform involving various stakeholders dedicated to addressing internet governance issues specific to Tanzania. It’s efforts focus on Personal Data Protection, Cyber Security, Content Regulation and Moderation, Emerging Technologies, Digital Rights, and Freedoms, among others.

This initiative aligns closely with P2C’s “Value Creation” Focus Area, particularly in simplifying the regulatory landscape in Tanzania. This alignment highlights the importance of our work in advancing sustainable digital transformation and regulatory clarity.

Significance of Network and Coalition Membership

Being part of networks and coalitions that share the same agenda is crucial for the Internet Governance Tanzania Working Group as it amplifies their impact, enhances resource mobilization, and fosters knowledge exchange. Collaborative platforms like the ITU’s Partner2Connect Digital Coalition provide valuable opportunities for aligning with global standards, accessing best practices, and leveraging diverse expertise. This collective effort ensures that the working group can effectively address complex governance issues, advocate for inclusive policies, and drive digital transformation in Tanzania. Additionally, being part of such coalitions elevates the group’s visibility and credibility, attracting more support and partnership opportunities, which are essential for achieving sustainable and meaningful connectivity and digital adoption across the nation.

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