Joining forces with Tanzania Digital Awards to Celebrate Digital Solutions and Practices

Tech and Media Convergency (TMC) had the pleasure to partner with Serengeti Bytes at their annual award ceremony that was held at the prestigious Hyatt Regency, served as a platform to honor those who have made a significant impact on the digital landscape. It brought together leading figures from the technology and media industries, providing an opportunity for networking, learning, and showcasing the best of Tanzanian digital innovation.

The Tanzania Digital Awards is an initiative that seeks to extend recognition to individuals and organizations who make effective use of digital technologies to creatively and innovatively inspire actions, bring change and foster lasting impact across and beyond the online community using and through digital platforms and technologies. The digital landscape in Tanzania has witnessed a remarkable transformation over the years, with technology and media playing integral roles in shaping the country’s digital ecosystem.

One of the esteemed partners being Tech and Media Convergency, represented by Board of director, Ms. Joan Kimerei, emphasized on the ways in which technology and media have become intertwined and mutually dependent. She acknowledged that technology has revolutionized the media landscape, enabling the creation, distribution, and consumption of content in ways unimaginable just a few years ago. In turn, media has become an indispensable platform for showcasing and harnessing the power of technology.

Ms. Joan presented awards in the Digital Advocacy category, with the following winners in each segment:

  1. Jamii Forums emerged as the winner for Best NGO use of social media.
  2. Maxence Melo was awarded Best NGO Leader on Digital (male).
  3. Rebeca Gyumi was honored as the winner for Best NGO Leader on Digital (female).
  4. The victorious Best Advocacy Campaign titled “Ujanja Kuchanja” belonged to UNICEF

As advocates and implementers of emerging and applied technologies, we strongly embrace the potential of digital innovation to bring about positive change and transformation in societies. Therefore, we acknowledge and appreciate those who demonstrate significant influence through the Tanzania Digital Awards. During the event, pay tribute and give recognition to the outstanding contributions made by individuals and organizations in the technology sector. By showcasing their accomplishments, we aim to inspire others to push the limits and aspire for excellence in their digital pursuits.

With Ms. Joan Kimerei’s presence and insightful speech, the event emphasized the importance of collaboration, innovation, and recognizing excellence in driving Tanzania’s digital growth. It is through such partnerships that Tanzania will continue to thrive in the ever-evolving digital era.