Press Release : The Fourth Innovation and Tech Forum.

Dar es Salaam: Tech & Media Convergency (TMC), under the custodianship of Tanzania Commission of Science and Technology, COSTECH, and the technical and financial support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) through the Funguo Innovation Programme, is bringing to you the 4th Innovation and Tech Forum with the theme “The Digital Tanzania We Need – What will it take to realize it?”.

The Innovation and Tech Forum is a platform for debates, exchanges, and sharing insights on critical topical themes and policy issues critical to our national development in the innovation and technology space. Furthermore, it is a networking platform for emerging innovators and tech champions, seasoned industry players, and policymakers to learn from one another and inform policymaking in the context of, Tanzanian innovation and digital transformation.

As we enter our 4th forum experience, there has been direct engagement with over 500 individuals who have managed to directly participate in the discussions as well as digital engagement with an immediate reach of 7 million and impression of over 70 million across digital platforms. The sentiment from the shared online content was 57.5% great, and the rest 42.5% neutral. The language was 70% English, and the rest in Swahili – with the Twitter platform being the most active compared to the Zoom link, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

UNDP through its FUNGUO Program aims to improve the “enabling environment for youth lead innovation ventures” as one of its strategic outputs. It will thus support Tech & Media Convergency (TMC) in addressing common operational, functional, and systemic challenges faced by private and public entities, individuals, and a selected target group by developing solution-orientated ideas to contribute to this output during the meeting series.

This forum is thus a platform for the ecosystem to revisit and discuss the significant developments that the innovation and technology space has seen thus far, to learn more about the current initiatives by the Government and other players and examine the untapped opportunities and existing challenges. This will allow participants to contribute productively to the enhancement of the ongoing initiatives and propose solutions to existing challenges for the policymakers and other stakeholders to consider as they shape their interventions.

By bringing diverse expert speakers from the ecosystem to share their expertise, the forum will provide an opportunity to explore the kind of “Digital Tanzania” we need and the best approaches, institutional and policy frameworks that will get us there.

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About Funguo Programme

Funguo Programme is designed to lay the foundation for, and unlock the potential of, Tanzanian innovators and entrepreneurs to create Impact Ventures at scale. The program’s approach is to create a flagship portfolio of investment ready, innovative Impact Ventures that unlock follow on investment, so that these innovations can contribute to the achievement of national ambitions and the SDGs in Tanzania at scale.

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