Tech & Media Convergency Secures 2 Awards at the “African Fintech and AI Awards 2023” for Outstanding RegTech Innovation

For the first time since being founded and officially starting its work in 2021, Tech & Media Convergency (TMC) has secured two prestigious awards at the 2023 African Fintech and AI Awards, affirming its commitment to excellence in innovation and technology. The organization’s flagship program, Compliance System Audit (CSA), emerged victorious in the categories of “Best RegTech Solution for 2023” and “RegTech of the Year.”

The award comes within a year since the product was released to the public in June 2023 and a few months since it was shortlisted among the top 10 global finalists in the SDG Digital GameChangers 2023 Award. There were more than 450 applicants worldwide. The prestigious award program is organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies.

RegTech Solution TMC - CSA
TMC’s flagship product, CSA gained two “Africa Fintech and AI Awards” for 2023

Accessing CSA, the Digital Tool

For organizations looking to enhance their compliance efforts, the Compliance System Audit (CSA) is readily accessible. Interested parties can visit the platform at to explore the features and benefits of this award-winning RegTech solution. For updates on our digital pages, you can click this link ( and they will direct access.

TMC’s success at the 2023 African Fintech and AI Awards is a testament to its unwavering commitment to pioneering solutions that redefine the convergence of technology and media. As businesses globally grapple with evolving regulatory challenges, CSA emerges as a beacon of innovation, providing a transformative approach to regulatory technology.

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