Call for Applications of 35 NGOs to the “NGO Incubation Program”

Tech & Media Convergency (TMC) and Meta is announcing the support for nonprofits building on the pilot work which started in H2 2021. Meta’s programs for non profits have also been implemented in Nigeria and South Africa through a series of engagements including trainings, listening sessions and workshops for non-profit organizations. It aims to build social value, connect with more allies and ensure their platforms are being used as a force for good. Meta aims to support the non-profit and social impact sector across the SSA region with programming to help them learn to scale the impact of their work via the use of its platforms and leveraging on digital technologies.

Why a Digital NGO?

It is more efficient, secure, effective, impactful and it is the future of all CSOs that want to go in pace with the global development of digital transformation. Technology is no longer an option. Continual improvement and progress are the only ways to thrive in the inevitable digital economy of this fourth industrial revolution. Tanzania is digitally ready. It has the capacity, competence, appetite and the right environment. The level of CSOs digital adaptation is dependent on the adoptive attitude of the decision-makers on why, when and how they choose to apply digital solutions and services to their operations and programs.

The Theory of Change (ToC) of an NGO as captured in the report “An overview of Digital Ecosystem, Emerging and Applied Technologies on NGOs in Tanzania”

Objective of the Incubation program for NGOs

The Incubation program is part of Tech & Media Convergency (TMC)’s Digital NGO project. The goal of the project is to influence digital adaptation through an holistic approach, so as to advocate for conversations and action for “Absolute Digitization” by adjoining digitally enabled technologies to the NGO community in Tanzania.

Attributes for NGOs to apply

  1. Should be a registered NGO in the Tanzania.
  2. Should be willing to involve the whole communication department or communications team.
  3. Should be willing to participate fully for the four months of the programs by signing an agreement of commitment.
  4. Should be willing to be part of the Digital Transformation journey.

Expectations from the Incubation Program

  1. Intensive digital transformation oriented sessions for NGOs
  2. A Digital Communication Strategy for each participating NGO.
  3. An Improved Digital Visibility.
  4. One on One consultations with each NGO in relation to program thematic focus.
  5. An audit report of the NGOs readiness to Digital Transformation.

Sessions Expected from the program

The program requires commitment of twelve (12) working days of each organisation in four (4) months. To make the program friendly we have spread the needs and required time over four-months of implementation so as to nurture to reach the desired results.

  1. At Least two (2) or more consultation meetings for each organisation.
  2. Ten (10) online sessions at a minimum of four (4) hours.
  3. Two (2) whole day intense offline sessions.
  4. Pre and Post survey forms for audit and capacity purposes.

Program timeline: Four (4) Months (July – October 2022)

Application Deadline: 20th June, 2022

How to apply

Application through link – 

More information about the Digital NGO project as listed below:-